Debt information

Debt investor relations is managed by Treasury’s Corporate Banking team. This team is the first point of contact for queries on Group structure, company history, credit ratings, debt issuance and repurchase.

Long term debt portfolio

National Grid’s long term debt portfolio mainly consists of bonds issued under the following entities:

Debt profile groups Issuing entities
National Grid/NGGF

National Grid plc

NGG Finance plc

NGUSA operating companies

Niagara Mohawk Power Company

Massachusetts Electric Company

The Narragansett Electric Company

New England Power Company

Granite State Electricity Company

KeySpan Corp Companies


National Grid Electricity Transmission plc

Grain LNG

Grain LNG

National Grid Gas plc

British Transco International Finance

British Transco Finance Inc

British Transco Finance (no 3)


Non-operating Companies

Debt is issued in a variety of currencies. Bonds are issued in either dollars or sterling, which are swapped back into dollars and/or sterling. All non-sterling bonds issued in the National Grid Electricity Transmission and National Grid Gas groups are swapped back into sterling.

The long term debt maturity portfolio ranges out to 50yrs.

National Grid long term debt maturity profile 

 The indicative exchange rate used is GBPUSD = 1.298 (As at 30 September 2016)

The x axis states the financial year the debt matures, whilst the y axis states the outstanding level of debt in sterling millions maturing.