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Set out below are some frequently asked questions, shareholder forms and leaflets and other useful information. Please click on the links to download the documents.

If you can’t find the answer to your query and you are an ordinary shareholder, please contact Capita Asset Services

If you are an American Depositary Receipt (ADR) holder, please contact Bank of New York Mellon

Frequently asked questions

Who are the Company's Registrars and how do I contact them?

Can I check my shareholding online?

I have recently changed my name - what should I do?

I've lost my share certificate, what should I do?

I have moved house, what should I do?

What happens if a National Grid Shareholder has died?

When was the last dividend paid and how much was it?

Can I have dividends paid directly into my bank account?

I have lost my dividend cheque, what do I do to get a replacement?

How do I transfer my shares?

How do I work out the value of my shares?

I have been contacted about my shares, I think it is a scam, what should I do?

Useful shareholder forms and leaflets

A guide to transferring your National Grid Shares

Share ownership: A bereavement guide

Unsolicited investment advice

A guide to Registering National Grid Shares in the Name(s) of Personal Representative(s)

Dividend payment instruction form

Change of address form

A guide to replacing missing share certificates

Scrip dividend application form

Other useful information:

Share buyback programme

Material interests in shares and shareholder analysis

Shareholder documents

Capital Gains Tax