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Read below for the information and resources you need to manage your shareholding online

Our registrars

As the Registrars for National Grid, Capita Asset Services are there to answer any queries about your shareholding and to help with the following matters:

- Updating your personal details such as your name or address
- Replacement dividend cheque(s)
- Replacement share certificate(s)
- To check how many shares you currently hold
- Merge your shareholding if you have more than one account
- Register to have your dividends directly into you bank/building society account
- Elect to receive your dividends as additional shares by joining the National Grid scrip dividend scheme
- Changing your communication preferences
- Share transfers and share dealing
- If a shareholder has dies

Contact Capita Asset Services

If you are an American Depositary Receipt (ADR) holder, please contact the Bank of New York Mellon for help with your holding.

National Grid share portal

Manage your shareholding wherever, whenever, on the National Grid share portal

The National Grid share portal is a secure online site where you can manage many aspects of your shareholding quickly and easily yourself:

- Sign up for electronic communications
- View your dividend payment history
- Get copies of your electronic dividend confirmations
- Choose to receive dividends in shares, via our scrip dividend scheme
- Choose to receive your dividends direct to your bank account
- Update your address details
- Buy and sell shares
- Register your AGM votes

It only takes a few minutes to register. Just visit and have your 11 digit Investor Code (IVC) to hand

Shareholder forms

Some of the forms and information you might need to manage your shareholding are set out below. They are also available on the National Grid share portal:

Change of address form

Dividend payment instruction form (to have your dividends paid directly into your bank/building society account)

Stock transfer form (to transfer your shares)

Letter of Indemnity guide

Bereavement guide

Share Dealing – exclusive share dealing service

Capita Asset Services offer a range of low cost dealing services, designed especially for National Grid shareholders, including, for a limited time, 20% discount to online dealing

commission** for all our shareholders and fee free postal dealing on share sales for shareholders with up to 100 shares***.


Visit or call Capita on 0800 022 3374 for details and terms and conditions. Calls to this Freephone number will vary by provider and calls from

outside the U.K. will be charged at the applicable international rate.


This is not a recommendation to take any action. The value of shares may fall as well as rise and you may not get back your original investment. If you are inany doubt as to what action to take, please contact an authorised financial advisor.


 Capita Asset Services also offer telephone or online share dealing at live prices, different fees apply. For full details together with terms and conditions call Capita Asset Services on 0800 022 3374 (8.00am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday) (calls to Freephone numbers will vary by provider. Calls outside the UK will be charged at the applicable international rate) or visit


* services are available to private shareholders resident within the European Economic Area, Channel Islands or the Isle of Man. If you hold your shares in CREST, you are not eligible to use this service.

** available on instructions up to the value of £25,000 received by 30 September 2017. Instructions received after this date will be charged 0.5% commission (minimum £19.00, maximum £76.50).

*** available on instructions received by 30 September 2017. Instructions received after this date will incur fees of 10p per share.


You can find share price information on the Share Information part of our website.


If you have only a small number of shares which would cost more for you to sell than they are worth, you may wish to consider donating them to the charity. ShareGift is a registered charity (no. 1052686) which specialises in accepting such shares as donations. For more information visit or contact Capita Asset Services.

Capital Gains Tax information

Events that have affected National Grid shareholders since the privatisation of British Gas in 1986 and the distribution of National Grid Group shares in 1995/1996.

Capital Gains Tax events

More information and help